2015 Pinewood Derby

The 2015 Pinewood Derby will be held on January 17. Car check-in is from 11:00 to 11:55, and races start at 12:05. Each den is asked to bring a different food item — Tigers bring dessert, Wolves bring relish tray items and disposable silverware and dishes, Bears bring sides, and Webelos 1 & 2 bring beverages. The whole pack will pitch in hot dogs.

As usual, we will have a Pinewood Derby Clinic on January 4 from noon to 3:00. Tools for constructing your cars will be provided, including band saws, table belt sanders, a drill press, and Dremel’s. The beginners’ class starts at 12:30, and a Tips and Extras session starts at 1:15. Please eat lunch before you come. Bring your cars and your brains!

Documents pertaining to the Pinewood Derby are on the Pack’s Downloads page, including flyers, rules, and car numbers. See you there!

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