Scouts sell Trail’s End Popcorn.

This has been a Scouting tradition, and continues to be the main source of our fundraising dollars for our pack. Selling popcorn can be a fun and rewarding experience and teach lifelong lessons.

Cub Scouts have a goal of $300 to sell each year and there are incentives to help them to reach this goal and surpass it. Our ultimate goal as a Pack is $14,000! If this is met the pack will have a Life Size Games event on December 3, 2017!

Boy Scouts have a minimum $200 sales quote for wreaths and popcorn sales or a $200 buyout.

At the beginning of each Scouting year, families are provided literature on the Popcorn Program during the popcorn kickoff celebration. Selling popcorn not only helps our organization but it provides the Scouts with great skills in the way of salesmanship, networking, community involvement and family participation. These skills lead to a sense of strong self-worth, leadership and a basic understanding of how money works.

We have a wide variety of popcorn from which to choose. We know, however, that some people just can’t eat popcorn. For those folks who wish to support Scouts but don’t want the popcorn, you can buy popcorn that will be sent to our American Armed Forces to brighten their day!

Important Dates

  • Popcorn Kickoff Meeting- September 10, 2017
  • Popcorn Sales Start- September 12, 2017
  • Order Forms Due- October
  • Pick Up Popcorn- November
  • All Money is Due- November


Pack Incentives

  • If the Pack reaches the Goal of $14,000: the pack will have a Life Size Game event!
  • Credit toward Scout account

Trails End Incentives

  • Popcorn Patch to every scout that sells at least one product!
  • A special Military patch to any scout the sells at least one military donation!
  • The regular prize program offering various prizes for attaining sales from level 1 ($10) all the way to level 12 ($4000+)! ***PLUS sell $700 of popcorn to receive your choice of a Blast Off Firetek Rocket or $20 Walmart gift card Bonus Prize!
  • ****In addition to the regular prizes program offered for selling popcorn the council has decided to offer a BONUS prize list to elite sellers that sell at least $1200 and above!!!
  • $1,200-$1,799 = choose 1 Adventure
  • $1,800-$2,499 = choose 2 Adventures
  • $2,500-$3,299 = choose 3 Adventures
  • $3,300-$3,999 = choose 4 Adventures
  • $2500: You get a 6% scholarship on all the popcorn you sold and will sell in Scouting for the rest of your time in the program

To learn more about the Popcorn Sales program, call Sarah (708) 954-6762

Want to sell online? Click here to start.