Troop 358 Monthly Update for November 2014

In November, the scouts of Troop 358 have been hard at work in pursuit of the Electricity merit badge. Paul Doran, our Committee Chair and resident electrician, has been immensely helpful by assisting the scouts with the badge requirements, taking them around the building to see electrical devices such as switches, GFCI outlets, and circuit breakers firsthand. The troop even visited the Midlothian Fire Department to learn about electrical first aid. Hopefully, the badge will be complete within the next month or two.

November is also the month in which we had our first Cyber Chip-certified scout. This certification, which ensures that the holder knows how to protect themselves online and use digital media responsibly, was earned by Damian Behymer, First Class, who will be acting as Webmaster.

As November ends, the Troop 358 Court of Honor for the 2014-2015 season is approaching. At the event, taking place on Thursday, December 4, scouts will be honored for their achievements thus far. Families are invited, and are encouraged to bring a dessert to share with the troop. This day will also be the day troop rechartering fees, as well as wreath and popcorn money, will be due. If fees are not paid on time, they will be subject to late fees per the troop handbook.

We look forward to a festive and productive December at Troop 358.

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